Some Must Say Farewell
My dear friends,

Kelly is no longer with us in body. He went to the spirit realms early Sunday Morning, February 15, 2009.

It was a sad day for me. It was sad for us that we are left without his understanding, example, love, humor and wisdom. And although we still have his beautiful creations to admire and ponder, he was so much more than these. But, I am happy for him that he is no longer burdened by all that is trivial in this world of matter.

We often spoke of Death.  As Warriors we use Death as our counselor.  Whenever an event causes a ripple of disturbance we turn to our Death and ask the importance of such an event. Our self importance usually dimishes in the face of Death.

Yesterday Kelly met his Death, I believe consciously. I know this was his greatest desire in life, to have a conscious death.

In his last days he told me he was the happiest and most content he'd ever been and he felt loved.

I thank you all for your love and support these many years.


We were saddened to hear of the death of Kelly, but we rejoice that he was able to experience the
conscious death he desired. Meeting him at Angelfire several years ago was a great inspiration to
both of us. His art and his spirit will live on through the many lives that he touched.

Larry and Donna Lemons

L G Lemons Artist

How blessed I feel to have known him and how happy I am to have made a reconnection with you.  Not a coincidence.

Love to you.


February 15, 2009

Dear Family,

Today is a very sad day.  My brother, Kelly, died.  He has always been part of my world since I came into it.  Now there is an emptiness.

At about 2:30 this afternoon, Pawnee Jewell called with the sad news.  She was shaken up and wept as she told us about Kelly.

As we understand it, Kelly was camping out on some land owned by his friend, Terry Bishop.  Kelly had recently obtained a flock of sheep.  Pawnee said the Kelly told her that it was the happiest and most peaceful time of his life.  He spent his time digging postholes and putting in fencing.  Then his horse needed a shoe replacement.  As Kelly was putting on the horseshoe, one of the nails went in crooked, so he had to take the shoe off.  As he was about to put it on again, he felt a large pain in his chest.  He collapsed on the ground and could not get up.  His dogs came over and laid on him to comfort him.  He was there for hours until someone found him.  I feel sad that he lay there in pain, and I was not there to help him.

I think it was Terry who found him.  Kelly refused to go to the hospital.  Terry took him to a motel.  The dogs did not like the motel, so they went back to the camp.  Usually when Kelly gets sick, he fasts to make his body well.  After the heart attack, Kelly fasted for seven days.  Pawnee called him often.  Kelly was very weak.

He told his friends that if he died, he did not want a funeral.  He did not want his friends and family members to drive all the way to Presidio for funeral services.  He told them that he wanted to be buried right away.

This morning at 5 AM, in the presence of his loyal friend, Terry, Kelly left this earth on which he had lived for 85 years.  (His birthday was last Monday, Feb. 9).  Terry said that he was holding Kelly’s hand as Kelly peacefully slipped away.  He was buried six and a half hours later at 11:30 AM near the Rio Grande, along which he spent much of his life. His wishes were fulfilled.

The memories come rushing back. 

Susi and I spent the afternoon and evening calling my brothers and our family members. It was hard to reach some of them.  They were grieved.  Kelly was an important part of their lives.

Kelly was (and is) a great person.  He is a famous Western artist.  He is an accomplished writer, having published several books about his life.  He is a philosopher, who gave lectures to people as he painted pictures.  He is very intelligent.  He is a comedian, who makes people laugh.  He is a cowboy, who loves animals.  He is my brother.

As he leaves the earth, he leaves many empty hearts.  But our minds are filled with memories that he has created.  Our homes are filled with his paintings.  His books rest upon our shelves.  We will not forget.

One happy thing about this day is that it is a great adventure for Kelly.  He is now in realms of Glory and is excitedly exploring his new surroundings.  He has done many significant things in this world.  He must be accomplishing much greater things at this moment.


Daddy, Lewis, Mel, Wow (whatever you call me)

I still remember the stories he told. A lot of people dont know it but he was a darby ranger from WW 11 saw action on the islands. As i watched him while he was painting every stroke of his brush was a treasure and a surprise when I watched I would think to myself how does he do it? Once he was working on a war seen I said can you put a first cav patch on his shoulder for me? In one sec it was there. Geeeee he truly touched so many people. He was one of a kind. He will go down in history as one of are great artists.

I lost my wife also last year, Vikki. We all met at the fair in Albuquerque and had lunch and at Angel Fire. He was one of a kind. God has a place for him. He will be  the painting of the clouds, he will make the red sunset and the soft rain on a summer day,lay the blue to the ocean and put the gold in the sand on the beaches, all with his great smile.

I only new him for a short time but those thoughts will live with me forever.

Loved him
Earl Watters Rio Rancho New Mexico

Hello Pawnee,

Thinking about you and wanting to let you know how much I appreciate the
A. Kelly Pruitt website you created. And the books you published are such
a great gift to us all. The fireball over Texas last Sunday was a spectacular farewell from Kelly.

I remember him saying that when he left this planet it would be on the tail of a comet!

With much love, Debra

Thank You for thinking of us, as you know Kelly was a one of a kind and I Loved Him.I won't cry because I know what Kelly's thoughts would be on this.I had many long talks with Kelly and this is why we will meet again somewhere in time. What I wanted to get from Kelly was not anything material, but spiritual and he kindly gave that to me. I am so glad I got to spend the time with him. The last thing Kelly told me was that this is the dawning of Aquarius and things would be good for us. I too was born in Feb 2, the stinker didn't tell me he was leaving. So be it.

Kelly was my friend and I would like to sing his spirit into the next world. When I met Kelly I grew up a thousand years.   


Thank You for caring. I will also miss Kelly. It will be a wound that time can't erase.
                                                                                                                 Love Ya Pawnee,   Jimmy (GRAYWOLF)


I remember going to see Kelly in Presidio a few years back.  We were traveling in Our motor home, and I always wore something comfortable - In this case, a sort of flannel 'warm-up' jump-suit type of thing.  After We got settled in a RV Park, We set out to find Kelly - Still dressed the same way.  When We located His "Abode", Pawnee came out and visited a few minutes, explaining that Kelly was asleep.  We made arrangements to meet for breakfast the next morning.  I arrived there in full Cowboy Dress Attire - Jeans, Boots, Hat, etc.  Kelly took one look at Me and said:  "Thank God You didn't show up in those "Bloomers"!!  That was lesson #1 from Kelly...............We used to go for breakfast in Taos at Michael's Kitchen - And I was sure to wear the proper "Attire".

Another of My favorite memories of Kelly was a painting that He had started at His gallery in The Indian Hills Motel.  He had kind of set it aside unfinished, and I commented that I liked what He had done on it.  The next time I came by, He had finished it and said that I had inspired Him to finish it.  It was called "Going Home".  When I bought it (Naturally), I thought I saw a little "Twinkle" in His eye......................

I am proud to say that Kelly was a Friend of Mine, And I feel Blessed to have known Him and shared a small piece of His Life.  He will never be forgotten in My World.

I wish that I had more adequate words to really describe how I felt about Kelly.
He was a part of the 'magic' that drew Me to Taos, and became a part of Me............

Forever..........................Baxter Laymance........Graham, TX  &  Taos, NM...................
"You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you do know, and no more: First, that they exist; second, that they will find you."

Something good has gone from this realm.

Deepest Sympathy to you Pawnee.

J Kelly Brittain Family, and Horses, Bolivar HV, Final Pero No El Menor, Scrap Steel, Cheyrish, Krystle, Gitana
Grapevine Tx

Thank you for your message..........for although I met Kelly only twice........both times were burnt in my mind and heart forever........death I think of is my hope that what I leave behind is good.......Glen 

Dear Pawnee--back to the Eternal River, which is life-may his spirit be blessed forever.  I am so sorry for the loss and sadness you must feel.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
I felt so strongly that he just strolled from this world into one that he knew would be better.  I hope he is staying in contact with you.
I couldn't seem to write anything other than condolences-accolades for Kelly are in order, but seem somehow trite coming from a stranger.
Hope you understand those thoughts.
Keep in touch,
Love, Dena

Thanks for the news. It is not unwelcome nor is it unexpected. He was a most interesting man from whom I learned a lot. I will miss him. I hope his final days were not painful nor bothersome. He leaves so much behind him in art and memories. His three goat boys plus Betty are all doing well here. I can imagine how sad for you even though you know it is part of the plan we signed on for. It is always tough to loose contact with a spirit as poweful as Kelly.

If there is anything I can do, please do let me know. I value your friendship greatly. You always have a friend in nothern New Mexico.

with love and fondness,

John Lapin

Am sorry to hear about Kelly, I wish he could have gone on forever.  But such is not life.  Moving on is such a wonderful thing yet we seem to want to fight it.  And loss is always difficult.  It sounds as if you and Kelly understand the circle of life which makes everything better.  And what a wonderful life he had.  And how lucky you are to have shared  life with him.  Now, he lives on thru you, the trees, wind, water, etc.  I hope you keep in contact and let all of us know what and how  well you are doing.  As you have probably already experienced, Kelly will keep in contact with aroma, a coincidence?, an unusual thought, or maybe you turn your head to looik at something that isn't visible but is there.  No, I'm not crazy or on drugs.  I just know these things happen.  Much love and energy to you.

Continue to enjoy the path, Sheron

Dear Pawnee,
   It takes a lot of courage to die. I know that Kelly had nothing to
fear in death so he could face his time courageously and graciously as
he did everything in life. We will miss him in our hearts and I am
thankful for the time that we could share with him (and you) here on
this earth. We have always told fond stories of Kelly and will continue
to do so. In fact I just called Lindsey at the shop  to tell him the
news and he said he was just talking about Kelly yesterday to a customer
that came in.
   Life is fleeting and we are all blessed that Kelly was a part of our
lives. I hope you are at peace.
Nancy and Lindsey

We are so sorry to hear the news.  Our best wishes to all who were close to Kelly.  He was a great man.  We used to visit him in Taos.  The photos we have of Kelly with our young children are very special to us.

Lyn and Debbi
I am both saddened and glad to hear of Kelly's passing - life is bittersweet, and I know he was ready for what lies beyond this realm.

My husband and I will never forget him.  In 30 short minutes in a roadside chat, Michael and I knew we had been in the presence of a great man.  It was an experience we both felt on the same level, and we've talked about Kelly many times since.  That short time together did more for my spiritual experience than years of sitting on a church pew.

He now walks among the strong and lasting and wisest of all - I'm sure he was welcomed with open arms. 

Michael and Sarah, Cloudcroft NM


I am sadden to hear this news.   I must tell you that Kelly was absolutely the neatest man I ever met.    He will truly missed by all he came in contact with and those who have viewed his passions.    My wife and I certainly will be praying for you so that you may be comforted as you reflect on your own life as well as the life you shared with Kelly. 

G.P.  Shearer

Dear Pawnee,

    I am saddened for this world to have lost such a treasure, but I am happy for him.

Kelly challenged my perception of the world and illuminated my thinking through his introspective questions and thought-provoking insights.

He certainly did "manifest the glory of God" within him.


Dear Pawnee,

We were saddened by your email about Kelly leaving us.  We first met him in Taos in the late 60's.  We bought an illustrated book of his poems.  On that first visit and subsequent ones, he took time to visit with us and treated us as if we were old friends just dropping by...

We love our giclee of This Sacred Land (1/250) and have it hanging in a prominent place in our living room.  Our thoughts are with you. 

Respectfully, Jerry and Donna Jacobi
   You have my sincerest condolences.
   Kelly was (and still is) a wonderful person and fascinating man to ride the trail with.
   He will be remembered well.



We are very sad to hear of Kelly's death. He was an amazing person and we feel very special to have known him. Laura often spoke of him and wished to see him again. I'm sure we will some day.

Thank you for letting us know,

Thank you for your kindness and taking time to let me know.  I shall cherish my memories even more.


Nancy Quam

Dear Pawnee                

We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Kelly.  He was a human being like no other and so will remain in our hearts and minds as such.  We will never forget the times we spent both with you and with Kelly.  Ashok and I both feel that our lives have been enriched with the privilege of his acquaintenship.

With Deep Sadness

Sue and Ashok

I am very sorry to hear about Kelly's passing although his is still with
us in spirit.  It is funny, I called my husband to tell him about this
and he said, "That is funny, I was just thinking about him this
morning".  We only visited with him for a short time while we were in
Buffalo Gap a few years ago, but he made a very big imprint on us.   
Also, we were wondering if he had a burial spot.  We would like to visit
it if we ever get the chance to.  We told him we were going to come back
to see him again and did not get the chance to.
Lisa Bender
Humphrey, NE

What a sad day indeed.  He was a wonderful man and my dad thought he hung the moon the more he got to know him while living in Arizona.  My prayers will be with you.



Thank you for letting me know about Kelly. A sad day for this world to have lost such as him. He gave a lot to many during his years and I feel privleged to be among them. Altho he was more my parents & grandparents friend, he touched me as well. To me he was just a nice but crazy old guy who hung out at our home in Presidio from time to time. I was way too young to know it then but as I grew up I began to appreciate his art and the words he gave my family. They handed them down to me when they passed as I will hand to my children when I go.
His body may be gone but his spirit will remain in the generations to come.

A peaceful wish to those who grieve.

Glennda Dupuy

Dear Pawnee,

I was saddened to learn of Kelly's passing. His books are beside me now, I'm thankful to have read them and to have had the opportunity of spending time with the both of you. I've attached two photos that I'm sure you will remember. They were taken a few days after 9/11, we were all in shock, and my sweetie and I checked into the hotel so we could get our bearings and just sit and contemplate the phenomenal disaster that took place so many miles away from us. When I looked out the back patio, I saw Kelly below me walking his horse, we had a short conversation and he invited me to visit. At the same time, you met my beautiful Victoria, and invited her to visit. I'm so glad I took a couple of photos, as they are precious to me for many reasons, but the most important to us was how propitious is was at that place, at that moment, to have met you and Kelly. I will remember that day forever.                                                                 

Yesterday would have been my sweetheart's 59th birthday. I've never been the same.

I hope you are doing OK.

Very warm regards,


Jeff, also provided some wonderful photos of the four of us in the teepee the evening we met.

Dear Pawnee,

   My sympathy  goes out to you and the rest of Kelly's family upon hearing the sad news.  I am most grateful and thankful that you were part of Kelly's life. You did a great work in preserving Kelly's love, humor, wonderful art, and wisdom; through your perserverance in publishing and sharing Kelly's great works!  Now all of Kelly's family, friends, and lovers of literature throughout the World, for many generations to come may know the artist and cowboy as you did.

                                                                                          Thank you!  John J. 

A welcome to our house is an introduction to Kelly Pruitt. The sandstone our children commissioned for my retirement in July 2002 stands on Kelly’s old French-built easel surrounded with all the treasured presentation articles - including Kelly’s poem - from Angel Fire, all his books, the pen and ink sketches he did for the kids in Taos in 1967 are all in the entry hall along with a great print from the North State Bank visit in the 80s. Then over the mantel in the den is my all-time favorite original, Ridin’ a Loose Rein; on another wall the vignette, Apache Boy; the original Night of the Luminaries; and an Angel fire oil, Tender Moment in Time on another wall. Then there is a lesser known Apache Girl and a Thunderbow in our bedroom.

What a beautiful, faithful friend and wonderful vivid memories. Every member of our family has a treasured memory of Kelly Pruitt … a true friend who gave of himself.

Our love,

Sid and Sue Huston

Arlington, TX

Hi Pawnee,

Kelly might have been ready to go, but I wasn't ready for it..

I'm so happy my path crossed Kelly's - he was wonderful and I treasure having met him and the painting he did for me will always have a special place in my home.  Jenny
Very sad to hear about Kelly's death.. We will miss this great man.


Hi Pawnee...i was at the conscious life expo at the hilton hotel by the los angeles airport last weekend. Mirriam williamson was there. It was a magical cosmic sat. & sun. I live about 45 min. south of airport in town of Orange. I was not expecting Kelly to actually transend for awhile. I guess i wanted to believe he was eternal right here. I felt his spirit comfort me when i sent a message from my heart to his soul and it was so gentle and a loving and kind response to my regretting that i had not written to him.  I have not told my mother yet of his passing. She was Kellys girlfriend when she was 16 and he was in the calvary. My mom was raised on a turkey ranch in Campo in the mountains above San Diego. Kelly would ride his horse up to see her dressed in his calvary uniform. My mom had horses. Then Kelly went to war and my mom and her father moved to San Diego and my mom married my dad. I met Kelly when i was 14. He had looked for my mom along time. My mom took us kids and we piled into the back of Kellys truck with his son and dog and went to Sedona, az. Kelly was magical back then. That was 1960. He went back home to his family and it was heartbreaking for me. I was just a kid and Kelly had left a powerful impression on me that has lasted my whole life. I love him and miss his presence on earth but feel more connected to his spirit now. Thank you Pawnee. I hope to meet you someday...loveflame 

Fred Phillips letter about the day of Kelly's passing.  Fred was one of the people who was with Kelly that day.
Kay Crum's tribute to Kelly.  Kay and David Crum were also with Kelly the day of his passing.
Carol's Letter----Carol had given Kelly a cell phone to use.  Those of us priveleged enough to have the number really appreciated this gift.  Kelly called Carol early Sunday morning, February 15, 2009.
Lesley Powell was a dear friend of Kelly's and she was the first to notify me----by email, since she didn't have my phone number. Here is her letter. Her husband Trevor has also provided some wonderful photos of Kelly.
Tribute by Jani Prueitt, friend and a former sister-in-law to Kelly.
There are many people who still come up to me and comment on his exhibit.  One lady I talked with in Grundy, says it left a lasting impression on her.  She described it to me and said it was her favorite art exhibit!  I'm sure it has left a lasting impression on many people, it certainly did for me!  My husband, Keith still talks about it!
I wish you the best in life!
Dear Pawnee,

        I'm so sorry to hear about Kelly, I want to thank you for letting me know. This is Lisa Sallee, I worked at the Angel Fire Resort waitress/bartender. Well I know he is at a better place. My heart goes out to y'all. Wow, I know its been years but it doesn't make it any better does it? He totally affected my life. Now that I live back in Texas every time I see a painting of Horses, Cowboys I always look to see if it is one of his. I'm glad he was happy, not every one can be fortunate to do what they love and be loved, but he was.                My Love Lisa