I met Kelly in cloudcroft, New Mexico, during a very difficult time in my life.

We met in a Business and I recognized him from years before a mutual friend of ours
had told me about him and he had given to my daughter a pencil drawing  which she treasures.

It was odd, in a spiritual way that after that brief meeting in town I would meet him again on that day on a side road to Ruddiso, (sp) N. M.   We stopped and "sit a spell, rested and reflected"  I taped it for some reason and He talked, I listened, which is usually reversed,  I have been for most of my life, involved, willingly, under the Lord Jesus Christ in the Camp Business" Youth camps for kids, I had spent 28 yrs in S. E. Okla. at a Baptist Encampment.  I had been recently divorced and was just wandering, searching for peace and direction for my next appointment. 

As long as I live I will never forget, his real care for my peace, We talked about Jesus Christ, and how He never leaves us or forsakes us, He knew his bible and had a relationship with our savior, but the way he put it, his honest spirit, his concern for me, his words for just me a fellow traveler on this earth impressed me, at the end of our short time, we parted, he had shown me a painting he had started but as he put it "was not finished yet"  he sit it up in a lawn chair and said, "Gods not through with you, yet", I must say he made an impact on my journey of life and left me with a beautiful memory of that place beside the highway, his wagon, his "posing" beside it for pictures, and all we exchanged.

I never met him again, but I fully expect, because of his words to me to see him again, on that shore of a place called Heaven.  Thank your Jesus. and Thank you Jesus for allowing Kelly to talk to me on the side of the road of life.  His words are embedded on the painting he gave me and on my Heart,  "God not thru with you yet!"

Thank you For allowing me to post this.

I count it an honor to have met the Real Cowboy, painter, and as I recall a man at peace.

He was the Cowboy poet for our generation!  May his tribe increase!

David Jackson