To be a cowboy was A. Kelly Pruitt's childhood dream; a dream that he realized early in his life. He started breaking horses when he was twelve and helped bring many a trailherd from Mexico across the Rio Grande at Presidio, TX where he and his family lived during his early years.
A. Kelly Pruitt
His first paintings were done on scraps of rainbow sandstone found on the Boquillas Ranch, where he worked, in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. It was there that he was discovered by a man who ran the El Travarre Hotel and Kelly's painting career was launched. That was the humble beginning of his success and renown as one of the premier Western painters of our time.
Kelly's work is graced by a natural talent and draws from the creative river of the Great Spirit, unhampered by formal art training and the opinions of professors. He paints what he knows and loves and it shows in his work; it is fresh, immediate, and, like Kelly, full of the intensity and spirit from which it derives.
In the fifty years he has been painting and sculpting his personality and popularity have taken him to countries where many a cowboy would have felt out of place. His collectors number in the thousands and the lives of those he touches are mirrored in beauty and complexity, the vastness and simplicity that Kelly so honestly captures in his paintings and books.
Kelly, like his work, is untrammeled by conformity. For most of it he has preferred to live under the stars, in the endless expanse of nature sheltered only by a tipi or a gypsy wagon.
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