Once upon a time, I had the ultimate privilege of meeting a man like no other.

He was kind, funny, loyal, wise, spirit filled, he was like my brother.

This man was an artist, storyteller, friend to all and one of a kind child of God.

I am sad beyond belief, and I know he would mind – he didn’t like accolades! A. Kelly Pruitt was truly loved and the Lord chose him to spread happiness, hope, faith, and love for his brothers, family and all he met through his journey through this life. I had the privilege of meeting and knowing this man of wonder and he called me “his little sis”, an honor I shall never forget.  I had many laughs and shared many heartfelt occasions with him – he was comforting and so compassionate. 

His thoughts, stories, beliefs were unequaled. Kelly was definitely Blessed with many God given talents, but he didn’t need to brag – it was out there for all to see.  He came to visit me several times and my children thought he was amazing and magic as they watched him paint – not even looking at the canvas and tell the most hilarious stories as only Kelly could do while “painting through the angels”.  His love for the Native Americans came through his uncomparble paintings, he loved the  open range, the cattle he tended, and one of the most fascinating to me is NO ONE OWNED HIM!  He was truly a gift from God.  

My son, Christopher Kelly has acquired Kelly’s talent, though not as prolific, but all his life he was fascinated with Kelly, “no, no don’t call me uncle I belong to the universe" Kelly would tell my kids. My son is an amazing artist, singer, actor in New York Shakespeare Theater, DisneyWorld and Universal Studios, a prolific writer and I know he inherited it from Kelly. My girls, Loni and Sheri, have many artistic talents also – thanks to Kelly's being their uncle.  I loved that he came to visit and entertain my children (adults), when he was in Phoenix and Texas, insisting on cooking breakfast -- flour, sugar, all over the floors and cabinets but he was proud of his pancakes even though I was cleaning flour and sugar for months after, but it would bring a smile to my face because that was Kelly "hope I didn't make too big a mess". 

Go cowboy, round up those herds above, tell your stories to those beyond, and be sure and wear your crisp white shirt, cowhide vest, and knee length cowboy boots, how else would I recognize you?  So with all the love in my heart, I know your trip to God was a trip to behold -- old Blue came and rode you to paradise!